Tochka Opory

1991 – Foundation. First important deals – delivery of electricity cables and lamps for factories and underground railway.

1993 – Partnership development with Russia’s largest lighting equipment manufacturers (Ardatovsky Plant).

1995-1997 – the Company expands the range of foreign goods. Tochka Opory becomes an official distributor for the leading European manufacturers: Zumtobel Staff, Philips Lighting, BJB, TRIDONIC.ATCO, Lanzini, P.U.K., Future Plast.

1997-1998 – Designing technical department created within the Company. It helps to carry out complicated calculations and develop various parameters of lighting.

1998 – Regional branches opening in St.-Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. Structured functional groups: sales, design, logistics, installation within the Company.

1998-1999 – Tochka Opory develop new areas of activity: lighting in museums, underground railway, automobile centers.

2001 – First large inter-regional projects.

2005 – Organization of its own manufacturing of non-standard lighting equipment at PRATO Plant.

2006 – Laboratory of Light opening.

2006-2007 – Tochka Opory used light-emitting diodes for the first time in outdoor lighting for Gazprom building.

2006 – The 15th Anniversary was celebrated with a grandiose Tochka Opory film festival in Sochi.

2007-2009 – The Company became the leader in the world top automotive brands showroom lighting, realised complex non-standard lighting solutions of large objects.
Tochka Opory Today
We grow
  • 25 years on the market of lighting equipment.
  • Tochka Opory is part of a big Holding company.
  • Regional Representatives in Moscow, St.-Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.
  • The Company has its own manufacturing of non-standard equipment and a big logistic center.
  • Tochka Opory portfolio contains complex projects implemented all over Russia. Completed projects take part in “Light Design in Russia” Competition every year.
  • The Company has a full package of required licenses for performance of work and submits project regulatory documents to clients.
  • A team of professionals work on technical concepts: planners, light designers, architects. They are all capable of solving non-standard problems.
  • Light Point Laboratory has been created within the Company structure to plan and develop lighting solutions.
  • We cooperate with the leading Russian and international manufacturers of light equipment and control systems, which gives us an opportunity to use the best-quality equipment when implementing the projects.
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