Tochka Opory

Light solution
The aesthetics of artificial lighting is based on characteristic elements of the natural luminous effects. These are intensity, color, saturation, time, movement, harmony, contrast, brightness, form, direction, focus. A balanced combination of these elements with an architectural concept of space, place, form, material, and structure makes up the basic aesthetics of light space.

Light control system makes it possible to compose interesting light scenes using the simplest elements. It gives an option to make changes to illuminated space and optimize electricity consumption.

Choice of equipment is an essential element of a lighting solution. There is no light without a source of light. A nice lamp can be an integral part of design of an illuminated object, and make its style unique and remarkable. At the same time illuminating equipment must not dominate over other components of a lighting solution, making them subordinate.

The key conceptions of maintenance are comfort, flexibility and functionality, easy service and reliability. Any lighting solution should take maintenance into account and provide for operating life and quality.

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