The light laboratory

"Just feel the light"

Why did we create Light Point laboratory? Light is a complicated and delicate substance. We cannot detect it with most of our senses. At the same time light gives us 90% of the information about reality surrounding us.

Light Point laboratory had been created by us in co-operation with leading European lighting companies as an inspirational space assisting our deep understanding of lights nature. Here together with our customers we explore light and its ability to serve as a powerful tool for different business goals in various branches.

Workplace ergonomics and retail efficiency, correct and careful exhibiting of museum rarities and production labor safety, public spaces and transport comfort are beginning with lighting ideas and are being shaped via light modeling and experimentation here, in Light Point. Best of ideas and solutions created are being implemented later in real projects and installations.

Light Point has become a unique platform for experimentation and communication of decision makers and professionals. Among them are:

  • Owners and Managers
  • Builders and Construction Managers
  • Architects and Interior Designers
  • Light Designers
  • Light Planners
  • Light Engineers
  • Project Managers

Key Light Point Functions and Formats are:

  • Light Modelling
  • Lighting Fixtures Testing
  • Knowledge transfer and seminars
  • Consulting
Light point. General view
Light modeling. Car highlighting solution
Lighting fixture testing
Seminar for customer`s visual merchandisers
Tochka Opory