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Suppliers of equipment
Artemide (Italy)  Produces standard and table lamps, chandeliers, wall brackets, lighting systems  for public and professional institutions as well as elegant living room luminaries, luminaries for  reception areas,  lighting compositions for negotiations rooms.

ASTZ (Russia)  Ardatovskiy lighting technology plant. Lighting equipment producer. Lighting devices for industrial, office, public, residential buildings as well as for personal service rooms and outdoor lighting.

BEGA (Germany)  Specialist in all questions relating to lighting and illumination technology - both outdoors and in many other areas.

Bely Svet (Russia)  Produces emergency luminaires, evacuation signs, emergency power supply units. Projecting of individual self-contained emergency luminaires for high danger facilities.

BJB (Germany)  Produces components for all types of light sources (including light emitting diodes): receptacles, starting device holders, micro switches, connector blocks.

BL Trade (Russia)  BL Trade Group is the official representative of BL Group, the biggest russian industrial lighting technologies alliance. It is also an exclusive supplier of GALAD and OPORA ENGENEERING trade marks production.

ELECTRO TERMINAL (Austria)  The combination of technical expertise and clear customer focus makes us the preferred partner for connection components for the lighting industry, the household appliance industry and the installation technology sector.

ELPRO (Germany)  Interior lighting luminaires producer.

ERCO (Germany) 

Feilo Sylvania (China)  is a leading, full-spectrum provider of professional and architectural lighting solutions. Built on over a century of expertise in lamps and luminaires, Feilo Sylvania supplies internationally state-of-the-art products and systems to the public, commercial and private sectors. Feilo Sylvania strives to deliver the finest products, service and consulting possible. All over the world, people rely on group business divisions: Concord, Lumiance and Sylvania, for top quality, energy-efficient solutions to suit their individual lighting needs.

iGuzzini (Italy)  Established in 1959, makes indoor lighting and outdoor lighting luminaires, and is now the leading Italian company in the lighting design sector and one of the leaders in Europe.

Industria (Russia)  Designer and producer of explosionproof lighting equipment as well as industrial and public buildings luminaires for general lighting, luminaires for warehouses, underground passages, open sites.

Intra Lighting (Slovenia)  Company is a specialised manufacturer of architectural luminaires and lighting systems for: business premises and public buildings; retail stores and shopping centres; hotels and entertainment facilities.

Light and Design (Russia)  "Light and Design group" makes professional solutions for office lighting and specializes in creation of light environment according to project’s aims and customer’s wishes. Comfort lighting is reached by methods such as luminance calculation, modeling, integration of lighting devices into a home automation system, incorporation into architectural elements of an object.

Lighting Technologies Company (Russia)  Producer of lighting equipment on Russian and CIS markets. A wide range of lighting devices of general and special use for office buildings, industrial facilities and stadiums.

Lisma (Russia)  Produces light sources for various branches of industry, household luminaires, starting devices and glasswork.

MUPP №7 VOS (Russia)  Produces luminaires for office, public and industrial buildings; luminaires for gyms and greenhouses; polycarbonate tubes for lighting devices production, for manufacturing lighting design decorative elements used in advertising, medical and food industries.

Nordic Aluminium (Finland)  Produces items and components for electrical engineering and telecommunications, shipbuilding and transport, building industry.

Omtek (Russia)  Produces a wide range of projectors, industrial, emergency and office luminous and gas-discharge tubes under “TechnoLux” trade mark.

PHILIPS Lighting (Netherlands)  Produces energy-saving innovational lighting technologies equipment – luminaires, spotlights, light sources, start-controlling devices.

PRATO (Russia)  Produces lighting equipment according to individual projects; lighting devices power supply units, used in industrial and agricultural facilities, as well as in office, public and residential buildings.

TCI (Italy) 

THORN LIGHTING (England)  Luminairies for almost any industrial project lighting, including manufacturing with rough environment.

TRIDONIC (Austria)  Luminaires components producer: start-controlling devices, LED modules, transformers, starting devices, power modules, luminaires regulating systems.

UNIPRO (Finland)  is a Finnish company designing, manufacturing and supplying Unipro® lighting track products, including 3-circuit lighting tracks, adapters and mounting accessories.

VATRA (Ukraine)  Produces explosionproof lighting equipment for dangerously explosive industrial facilities, collieries, as well as luminaries for industrial, public and sports buildings, for transport.

Zumtobel Lighting (Austria, Germany)  Produces integrated lighting decisions using cutting-edge technologies and high-quality lighting devices for indoor and outdoor lighting, light control systems and emergency lighting. Innovative decisions based on Humanergy Balance system.

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