ASSOCIATION “RUSSIAN LIGHT” (Russia, Saransk)  The association of lighting devices producers “Russian light” unites more than 50 electric bulb and lighting plants of Russia and CIS.

"Russian light" association activity areas:
•    Coordinates activities and supports domestic lighting devices producers
•    Develops and carries out programmes of lighting technologies development in Russia
•    Takes part in work on business plans on promising ways of lighting technologies development
•    Carries out the analysis of the association enterprises operating
•    Cooperates with federal and regional authorities
•    Cooperates with interregional lighting Corporation, with lighting Trade Association
•    Takes part in international cooperation within the lighting technologies working group №8 “Inerelectro”

Lighting Trade Association (Russia, Moscow)  Non-profit organization LTA works in a range of directions and its activities are aimed at civilized lighting devices market development in Russia i.e. cooperation with the largest home plants manufacturing lighting technique products, analyzing the quality of the products sold on the Russian market, participating in international lighting technique exhibitions, cooperation with european lighting technique associations and corporations.

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